Are you like me, longing to ride a bike but discouraged by the weather or safety concerns? Air bike makes it possible for you to get a challenging workout without ever having to leave the comfort zone of your home.

We’re all different and finding a single model that matches one’s ability and strength is nearly impossible. But having forged the path to bringing the air bike into the indoor as well as outdoor fitness spaces, the air bikes are gaining popularity for creating love-hate relationships with those that have been bold enough to give them a try. They are made from the highest quality and most durable materials to give you an extraordinary workout vibe while burning your excessive calories. There’s a reason that most rehabs and MMA gyms around the world have started putting Air bikes: they are incredibly effective, for both the super fit and the not so fit alike!

Brief introduction of air bikes

An air bike, unlike the conventional exercising equipment, is a stationary bike having arm handles which move with the pedals toning your upper and lower body in a workout combination. It also uses air resistance and a large fan to provide additional resistance as the workout gets harder. The machine will take your cardio to new heights – and also burns a ton of calories. If you’re unable to run or row, due to an injury, air bikes are the best alternatives for you.

How is an air bike different from other bikes? 

The major difference between air bikes and other bikes is the handlebars and the resistance it offers. If you are looking for an exercise cycle to build your cardio and endurance as part of the rest of your home gym equipment, while monitoring the calories and enjoying the HIIT workout programs, an air bike is definitely the way to go.

How does air bike exercise work?

An air bike is deemed to be the humblest equipment in the gym. It is designed to make or break you. It demands consistency in the workout routine and automatically matches your resistance. The harder you pedal and push the handlebars, the more resistance it generates on the wheels. This makes your quads, hamstrings, back, gluteus, chest, and arms work harder to maintain the momentum. The intensity of the exercise inclines quickly to boost the post-exercise oxygen consumption.

The difference between air bike and spin bike

The difference between air bikes and spin bikes is that the latter has a front flywheel while the former has a fan wheel. Therefore, an air bike is preferred for building resistance and strength during an exercise.

Top 9 air bikes 2020

We’ve deeply researched and came up with the top nine air bikes of this year to take your workout performance and fitness motivation to the next level:

Assault AirBike Classic

The all-new air attack bike is a newly designed version of the old traditional air resistance cycle with a stronger framework. All pivot points are strengthened and upgraded with bearings instead of bushings to provide a powerful yet smooth operation. The smart computer console helps you monitor time, RPMs, calories, watts, distance and speed. It comes with the Tabata intervals and motivational programs to assist you build your stamina. The heart rate monitoring sensors help you monitor your pulse and work on your aerobics. These sensors are compatible with the Polar chest straps. Interval training is the best method to use with these bikes and if you finish off with the interval training by pushing as hard as you can during the intervals, you will enter a “breathless” state, and see the magic happens 🙂

All these features are wrapped in a strong frame that can take the heat and help you get rid of excess body fats and calories. When it comes to the Assault Air Bike Classic specs, its size is 49 x 22 x 51 inches and weighs around 99.2 pounds. It can bear a maximum user weight of up to 350 lbs. It is programmed to push you to reach your fitness goals with the specially designed console giving you seven onboard programs. You can choose any program which matches your mood and workout routine based on pulse rate, distance, interval, calories, etc. The integration of twenty sealed cartridge bearings is hidden neatly under the formed steel and gives a smooth and durable exercising experience. You can get a complete cross-fit workout being pushed by the unlimited resistance for upper and lower body extremities. The six-way adjustable seat makes you adjust your position by tilting, lifting it and moving fore and aft.

The 25″ diameter steel fan provides maximal resistance, however, the distance between the seat adjustment settings is about an inch. Therefore, if you’re accustomed to a mountain or a road bike seat, you might need to get used to the this different positioning. The seat does move forward and backward like a normal bicycle while the resistance fan is simply caged. Assault AirBike Classic

If you’re looking for a durable exercising machine with commercial quality, there’s nothing quite like this one. There are very few parts for you to assemble, and it’s super helpful that all the screws are already in the holes and you only need to tighten them in. It has a built-in small shelf for putting your phone or IPad while exercising. Yes, it will give you a workout as you read about. The harder you cycle; the more force you will need to exert. However, whether you intend to become a fitness pro soon or you’re just looking to pass your time, this machine will certainly not be a disappointment in any way. It is a simple tool for doing a simple job perfectly. Coming towards the comparison of the Assault Bike Classic vs Elite, one key difference is how robust the latter model is. In addition, the Elite model has a higher weight capacity and comes with a wider seat. Every part of the Elite model is thicker which makes it more durable and an upgraded feel.

FORCE 1 Exercise Air Bike with Fan

If you’re searching for a product that has the best quality, functions, finish, fit and price – you should definitely try the Force 1 Exercise Air bike. It has a sturdy and rigid steel framework and you shouldn’t be fooled by its sleek appearance. This product weighs about 123 pounds and its size dimensions are 53 x 26 x 50 inches. It includes a monitoring program that can help you keep track of your fitness for about 5 years, including 90 days memory on the heart monitor and 30 days on all other programs. You can select a preset workout or choose your parameters to use. Please note that the target pulse rate monitor is not included. It comes with a water bottle holder and built-in transport wheels for easy moving. You can get a full-body workout through the bike’s unlimited air resistance for both the upper and lower body. It features a fully adjustable seat that moves up or down, back or forth, in addition, tilt adjustments are available as well.

FORCE 1 Exercise Air Bike

You will encounter additional resistance as you pedal faster. Regardless of whether you’re building a brand new cross-fit body, sports facility or you want to put yourself through a burning cardio work out at home you’ve found the right air bike for the job.

Concept2 BikeErg

Among the different exercise bikes in the market, the Concept2 BikeErg is a heavy-duty, built for a lifetime piece of equipment. It is recommended for anyone who is looking for a quality exercise bike for a good reason, Concept2 makes top of the line equipment. This machine is commercial-grade like all their other equipment. You will see numerous reviews of the BikeErg popping up on YouTube and there is nothing negative mentioned about it. It is a great way to get your cardio done without having to exert a lot of force. Using a heart rate chest strap can help you maximize the results. You don’t need any special technique to ride the bike and it will still get your heart rate elevated so it is effective for weight loss as well. It is a highly durable option for physical training at an affordable price. The indoor exercise machine combined with the different workout activities can help you condition the body with the HIIT (high-intensity interval training) feature. It further helps in rehab, warm-up, recovery and other training activities.

Designed for all sorts of workouts, the Concept2 BikeErg features the same flywheel technology as on the Concept2 RowErg and SkiErg, combined with self-tensioning poly groove belts. It improves resistance and ensures a smooth, quiet ride. The intensity of your ride can be adjusted by the damper. You can simulate riding an easy path and the steepest hills. The inseam lengths are between 27 and 37 inches. The adjustable handlebars can be moved up/down and fore/aft. You can customize the sitting height as well. The clutched flywheel goes on spinning even when the pedals stop for easy intervals and rest periods. It comes with a tool-free ratcheting system to adjust the seat height quickly and easily. The pulse rate monitor can be used to compare performance efficiency from time to time which can help you keep a track of the workout progress. The 58 lb aluminum frame is engineered for the most powerful sprints. This frame is not only durable but also extremely convenient to move around on its built-in caster wheels. When lining up a comparison of the Concept2 BikeErg vs Assault bike, the Assault bike occupies more space in the room, but also offers you the choice of fast-paced training. The former, however, offers flexible programs and can be easily stored up in the garage when not in use. In addition, there are the endless seat and handlebar adjustments so any size rider can get comfortable.

Concept2 BikeErg Air Bike

Marcy Exercise Upright Fan Bike

For home use, this is indeed the perfect choice. A solid product with a sturdy framework. This is probably the best workout machine to get your heart rate up in just 10-30 seconds of pedaling. You can also use it as a warm-up/cool down or for active recovery days. The dual-action arms tone the upper body as well. It features a one of its kind air resistance system which increases the distance with the speed of pedaling. The graphical user interface allows you to keep track of time, distance, calories burned, scan mode and speed levels. The resistance fans allow the air to pass through your body which keeps the body cool by drying the sweat.

Marcy Exercise Upright Air Bike

Its adjustable seat allows you to adjust according to you body’s needs and height. It facilitates to maintain proper body form during exercises and lets the body conform to the equipment at its own pace. The LCD computer screen acts as an odometer and displays the time, speed, calories and distance. This increased resistance system improves with the pedal speed and gives a cool breeze to provide comfort and endurance during heavy workout routines. The dual-action exercise arms give an efficient exercise method that tones the upper body along with the multiple targeted muscles. The 14-gauge steel tubing, powder-coated finishing, and the scratch-resistant body add to the product’s durability.Generally speaking we’ve found Marcy to produce very good value for money products and you should also check out our review of the Marcy recumbent exercise bike (if you’re not looking exclusively for air bike models).

Comparing the Marcy Air-1 vs Schwinn Airdyne (coming up next), you will note that both are very similar in their designs. Both come with very comfortable, wide and soft seats. The pedals, however, are longer on the Schwinn Airdyne, something that attracts many users thanks to the convenience it provides. On the other hand, its difference to the Marcy Fan Bike NS-1000 is that the NS-1000 is a recumbent one, as opposed to this upright-shaped. However, the NS-1000 does not come with heart sensors and so, does not keep any kind of records of your heart rate.

Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne

The Schwinn Airdyne models are superb when it comes to increasing your fitness level and will certainly be a good addition to your garage gym. It is solid and smooth and will give you whatever level of workout you want to put yourself through. If you need to get a compact piece of exercise equipment to stay heart-healthy, believe u, the Schwinn Airdyne 7 will fill that need.

The Airdyne Pro has introduced a series of models, namely AD7, AD2, Probike, AD3 and AD8. The custom-designed fan on the Airdyne Pro produces more power in watts when compared to other models or bikes running at similar RPM. With a Class ‘A’ Watts rating, the Octane Schwinn Airdyne Pro bike has measurements +/- 5 watts when under 50 RPM, which is highly accurate and helps achieve greater motivation and results. With a newly-designed, 26-blade performance fan and a belt drive that responds to the power you’re putting in, you can reduce wasted energy which will result in more efficient, effective workouts. The machine is built to last which can be clearly seen when noticing its tough, metal-body construction. With regards to the AD series, the Schwinn Airdyne AD2 was a no-frills exercise bike that came with moving handlebars. It took care of your legs and arms workout while also resting the remaining parts of your upper body. The Schwinn Airdyne AD3, however, was a dual-action exercise machine. To improve stability, the machine comes with its own structural support and levelers to ensure that it stands perfectly horizontal.

Thanks to the innovative smooth belt drive system, you’re in for a quieter and more pleasant experience. The machine is also equipped with the latest progressive wind-resistance technology, a feature that helps beginners gain strength or athletes trying to recover from an injury. The 26-blade fan enables gym-goers to burn more calories and fat when compared to similar competitive models that run the same RPM. You can view on the tachometer how hard you’re exercising, a little feature that helps motivate exercisers like yourself.

Schwinn AD Pro Airdyne Air bike

One drawback this model had was that it was noisy with regards to its size and RPM. Another was that the chain mechanism wasn’t as smooth as its competitor’s at the time. The Pro model, however, has rectified both shortcomings. While any cycle that uses wind resistance is going to be loud, it isn’t as loud as the older blade styles used to be. The assembly is straight forward, and the construction is rock solid. Its easy to assemble as the instructions are very easy to understand and there aren’t many parts to assemble.

When comparing the Schwinn Airdyne Pro vs AD7, it is important to note that both are the exact same; the only difference would be that the latter is for personal use while the former is preferred for gyms. However, in the comparison between Schwinn Airdyne vs Evolution, the Evolution series machines have a firm and sturdier built and also have a smaller wheel than on the Airdyne models.

Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Bike

If you’re in search of an exercise cycle that is not only low cost but also comes with a resistive system and an ergonomic design, then the “Body Rider Fan Bike” does that in a very efficient manner. The bike is designed in such a way that it promotes the use of your arms as wells as the upper body which further results in a full-body workout. The adjustable seat is perfect for you to use it according to your  comfort and a fan is attached to keep you cool and dry your sweat.

Body Rider Exercise Upright Air Bike

The dual-action extended handlebars encourage both lower as well as upper body movement, the resistance levels can be chosen by turning the knob on the board. The sturdy steel “H” frame design is engineered for increasing the steadiness and stability as well as the adjustable and upgraded seat for better comfort. It also features a high quality momentum fan wheel system which offers a smooth fluid workout. The seat is foldable, making it compact. Lastly, and very important, there is a user friendly tension adjustment wheel so you can add tension as you work your muscles.

It is easy to move and is not too heavy to lift, so if you’re looking for a machine that folds, make sure you check out the Body Rider Folding Exercise Bike. An upgraded model on the same lines is the Body Rider Upright Exercise Fan Bike BRF750; it boasts an enhanced design and more durable than its predecessor. The handles are also curved to encourage total body muscle movement.

StairMaster Air Fit Bike

The StairMaster recumbent bike is very robust one with a full commercial steel frame with a black hammertone finish. The display measurements include time, RPM, speed, distance, heart rate and calories. The dual-action arms simultaneously work the upper body.

It features an adjustable seat that accommodates users of different body sizes. The transport wheels allow for easy mobility. Moreover, the StairMaster stationary bike has dimensions of 58″H x 29″W x 51″L and can bear up to 350 lbs. The 2 millimeter wide steel frame allows the machine to endure heavy weights and showcase its ability to perform under heavy loads. It also comes with a LED screen that is user-friendly and boasts a dual-wind resistance feature. While going on a StairMaster bike workout, you can set your speed, calculate the distance you travel in a set period of time, see the number of calories you have burnt and the RPM you were moving at. The StairMaster HIIT bike also comes with a twin belt that ensures smooth running and a very quiet operation.

Fitness Reality 1000AR Bluetooth Air Resistance Exercise Fan Bike

This is a very reasonably priced product with enormous upside potential for busy or lazy people to improve their physical shape. It is very easy to use, it is quiet and takes up very little room. It features four adjustable floor stabilizers for leveling and preventing the bike from rocking or tipping, transportation wheel for easy relocation or storage, one 18” fan connected to dual transmission providing max air resistance, dual-action handlebars with footrests providing upper body workout targeting different muscle groups, water, and smartphone holders, a large soft foam seat with 4-way adjustments, user height that ranges from 5’2” to 6’2” and backlit LCD tachometers that tracks time, speed, distance, rate of calories burned, RPM, power in watts, sprints, rounds, and recovery. It is the only Bluetooth smart cloud fitness fan bike in the market, which works with the free MyCloudFitness app available on iOS and Android to track your workout results. The tachometers help set watts and calories burned per minute and helps you get motivated during the run-time. The air resistance fan wheel provides low impact workout on the knees and responds instantly to how fast or slow you want to go, no buttons, levers or emergency stops are needed. There are 3 HIIT workout programs with 20/10 interval, 30/90 interval, and one custom interval.

This machine is compatible with MyCloud Fitness Heart Rate Chest Belt, which is not included in the package. The product comes with a 3 years’ warranty.

Sunny Health & Fitness Zephyr Air Bike B2715

The B2715 air bike definitely worth the money. The heavy-duty frame certainly boosts the lifetime of the product since it prevents the machine from vibrating when exercises get vigorous. The Sunny Health & Fitness Air Resistance Hybrid Bike comes with an 18” fan wheel which offers resistance and is combined with the belt-drive. This new technology allows the machine to last longer than older models and also cuts down maintenance costs. Moreover, the pedals are directly connected to the chain, which gives you a genuine cycling experience. It is also equipped with a performance monitor which tracks the time you have spent on working out on the cycle, the speed you’re moving at, the RPM, and the distance you have virtually moved. Not only this, the monitor also records the calories you have burned in a very accurate manner. There’s also a small pocket for you to place your mobile in; watch your favorite workout videos and follow your YouTube trainer on-the-go. The arms of the workout machine are adjustable; they are also slip-resistant thanks to the high-density foam used on the handles. The handle bars can be adjusted according to your movement. You need to make sure to place it far enough so that it forces your body to move, that is the only way you’ll get a workout which includes your arms, shoulders and the back. The seat comes with extra padding and its height is adjustable for you to ensure that you get the most comfortable experience in your cycling workout. A similar model is the Sunny Health & Fitness SF B2640 Air Bike Trainer. Although both models offer a fan-wheel based resistance, the B2715 we’ve talked about comes with a bigger fan. It has a 2-way adjustable seat as compared to the 4-way on the B2640. The B2715 has wheels at the bottom for easy transportation while its comparator does not. Both models have a very similar performance monitor while only the B2715 air bike comes with a mobile phone holder.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a fan exercise bike?

It is a bike that promotes the circulation of self-perpetual airflow and employs the technique in which combined foot and arm movement gives the experience of a total body workout.

Are air bikes any good?

Yes they are, they provide a brutally effective experience workout. It might be considered as a low-impact activity, but the combined movement of lower and upper body parts not only conditions and tones the body but also helps burn excess fat and calories.

Why is the assault bike so difficult?

It’s not difficult, but rather uses the fan-based wind resistance wheel to offer a more realistic experience to the users. In a fan-based air resistance bike, the harder you pedal, the more air resistance you experience. This is primarily why assault bikes appear to be difficult.

Is a fan bike good for weight loss?

Fan bike is a very good option for weight loss and it is important to complement the workout with a good and healthy controlled diet. On average, it is calculated that the use of this machine helps burning 85 to 90 calories in a minute! However, there is no doubt it is not the only device that can help with your weight loss goals. You can find a comprehensive list of additional home gym devices on this review that we’ve compiled, but it is for sure a good starting point.

Now that you’ve read all about the incredibly effective and sturdy air bikes, it’s your turn to decide on your fitness and healthy lifestyle. Make sure you make a wise choice and let us know which product you fancied the most!