The famous Coronavirus outbreak, that started in China, continues to grow across the globe. It has now arrived at the Middle East, Europe, UK and USA. Not only some of the effected countries are asking their citizens to wear masks at all times, they also recommend them to leave their homes only when it’s absolutely necessary. In addition, the virus is found to be more lethal in people who have a weaker immune system. If you’re prone to catching a cold easily, it probably best you put a hold on your social life in other to avoid being infected.

On the other hand, putting your social life on hold does not necessarily mean you can’t have fun indoors. Doctors and physicians from around the world are recommending people to regularly exercise to counter the effects of the infection. As you may already know, exercise helps maintain your physical fitness but what you may not know is that it improves your immune system as well. The heart strengthens and is able to pump blood throughout your body at a faster rate. A study posted on WebMD found that the cells which attack harmful bacteria are much stronger in people who regularly exercise than in those who don’t. It lowers the chances of you catching a cold, or in this case, a deadly virus. One way to keep yourself fit is to visit the public gym around the corner. It provides you with trainers and machines that will improve your body’s fitness.

However, public gyms are somewhat of a Petri dish; the equipment is used by tens of people every day and who knows where their hands had been before. One way to counter this is to use a different towel for each action; one for spreading  on the mats for cardio and the other for wiping sweat off your face. You can also wear gloves, provided that they are sanitized beforehand. In addition, washing hands both before and after a workout is essential. Wash with warm water and soap for about 20 seconds to ensure cleanliness. These practices do seem a bit too much and due to such complications, public gyms have been banned in some countries and it is plausible that the US would follow the trend. After all, the government wants to keep everything under control.

If you’re a regular at the gym, you would know how awful it feels to skip a workout. Going for a session to blow off some steam at the end of a long, working day is something you look forward to every day. This is why we understand that a ban on public gyms in the US would adversely affect people like you (and us as well 🙂 ). Whether you jogged to the place or cycled, you go that little bit of extra exercise on the way. Now that you’ll be staying indoors for a long period of time, you won’t be able to get that habit either.

In contrast to what you may be thinking, there are plenty of ways you can stay in shape from the comfort of your home. There are several exercises you can do with a few common exercise equipment devices that aren’t too hard to find. Not only will you be able to perform a full-body workout, you will also be able to get some effective cardio done. You can reach the same level of intensity at home as your usual routine which will certainly be enough to get you sweating. In the beginning, you should start with a set of burpees; if you say you’re a gym-goer, a set of 5-10 burpees should be a piece of cake for you. Following that, do the same number of push ups and sit ups along with squats and mountain climbers. Complete this cycle of 3-4 exercises and you’ll start feeling the heat. If at some point you think it’s getting too easy, pump the numbers up a notch.

Next, you should setup a small gym. Even if you don’t have a room at home that no one is using, you can allocate any space to build it. You can bring it to life by getting some training equipment on a small scale; you don’t need $10K in order to build one. There are typically 3 ways to get started on this; buy used equipment (which is cheaper but less reliable), buy new equipment, or make your own equipment. Setting up with brand new equipment is the best way to get started; it can arrive to your door very fast which means you don’t need to get out in order to buy it and is widely available. Racks, barbells, plates, dumbbells, benches; Amazon have them all. With the right choice of equipment, you can get yourself a mini gym that is much more effective for you than going to a public one. The total expense of the equipment you plan to get can even be less than your annual subscription cost and will certainly be beneficial in the long term because it stays yours forever!

This is how cool your room could look like with just a few basic exercise devices:

The Coronavirus is spreading across the globe and affecting the daily lives of people. A regular at the gym such as yourself shouldn’t be too worried now that you’ve found an alternative within this post. If you’ve been thinking about getting a personal gym to cut down your monthly expenses, this is the perfect time to go ahead with your plan and you’ll also get the added bonus of staying clear from infections and harmful bacteria. If you’re looking for an extensive article on how to stay in shape by building yourself a home gym, follow this link.

How about you? Any other tips how to fight the Coronavirus from a workout perspective? Share your comments below, we’ll be happy to hear from you!