Ask your friends about their new year’s resolutions, and the most common answers would be “getting in shape” and “exercising”. Well, that isn’t much of a surprise as we all want to look good and shed some extra pounds.
However, do we work to achieve “the perfect” shape? 
Um, not really!
According to Forbes, only 8% of people stay committed and accomplish their resolutions each year. How sad is that… If you’re devoted to lose weight and gain some muscle power this year, don’t let responsibilities come in your way.

I agree – work, family, friends, social media, gaming, and outings consume much of our time, eventually putting gyming on the backburner. However, since there are no free lunches in this world, start gyming right away to attain your long-standing dream of a fit body. Stepping out of your home and wading through busy roads to reach an expensive gym will kill half of your enthusiasm just like that.

What’s the way out, you ask?

Hmm…how about a nice home gym? Sounds weird? It shouldn’t! Building a customized gym will boost your morale and ensure that you don’t skip your workout sessions very often. Having a dedicated exercise corner/room in your vicinity will also help you save time and set a proper schedule for the day. Whether you’re an introvert who avoids unnecessary interactions or a busy person who is having a hard time balancing things, a home gym is your answer. A home gym means no honking traffic, no expensive memberships, no sweaty gym benches, and absolutely no annoying people…phew!
So, are you intrigued by the idea yet? I am sure you are.

To build an efficient, inexpensive, and smart home gym, read through this guide. By the end, you’d have numerous ideas to convert an empty corner of your home into a worthwhile investment.

Let’s delve right in and explore various ways of building a home gym then!

How to build a home gym?

After making your mind up for a home gym, almost everyone is clueless about where to begin. Which kind of equipment is suitable for a congested place, how much time it’ll take and so on…. Just like every other venture, you’ll be starting from scratch this time as well.

Newbies often ask is a home gym better than a commercial gym and various similar questions. If you’re one of them, stay with me. By the end, you’ll be very clear if you need a home gym or not.

This comprehensive guide will walk you through the basics, steps, and essentials for building a home gym on a budget.

If you’re cash strapped, you can even build a gym for under $100!

Pick the right place

Setting up your gym equipment won’t be a hassle once you dedicate a corner or a room for it.

Garages are gym maniacs’ all-time favorite places due to the solitude, freedom, and comfort that they offer. If you’ve got a garage, look no further.

But, if your place is congested, you’ll have to vacate a corner for your gym’s setting. A side of your bedroom or living room is a good choice. For homes with families, however, bedroom gyms are best as they don’t let others invade your gyming sessions.

While selecting your gym’s location, check a few factors (this is optional, since everyone’s setting is different):

  • Is it well-lit?
  • Is it airy?
  • Can large equipment fit in it?
  • Would your family members mind it (most important, ha-ha)?

If your to-be gym is comfortable, you’ll love spending time there.


Make an essentials’ list (no money wastage Ok)

When newbies are asked what equipment they need for a home gym, they mention all those fancy squat racks, all-in-one machines, and fancy kettle bars they see on Instagram. But, in the end, most people don’t even use that expensive equipment. At the initial stage of building a home gym, your goal should be to save money and increase practicality.

Therefore, start with making a basics list. Here is the essential equipment for building a home gym on a budget:

  • Squat rack
  • Barbell
  • Weight plates
  • Bench
  • Pull-up bar
  • Yoga/exercise mat
  • Resistance bands
  • Treadmill (optional as it’s expensive)
  • Rowing machine (again, optional)
  • Multi-functional gym stack
  • Kettlebell bars

This list is ideal for everyone ranging from beginner to advanced level.


Start the search

Once you shortlist the most necessary equipment for your home gym, the next step is to find it. Without any doubt, we all want to opt for budget-friendly material that is also useful.

Although ordering your equipment at once will be pocket-friendly, I’d suggest you go step-by-step. I mean, no one starts doing all weight training, right after they develop a gym, right? So find the right deals and proceed slowly.

The three above are the necessary steps that everyone is bound to follow. Apart from this simple procedure, you can refurbish, paint, decorate, and renovate your home gym just the way you like. Music is a big motivator while we exercise. Install some heavy-bass speakers and feel your energy rising with the beats. However, if you’re on a tight budget, headphones can also do-the-job; don’t worry!

Bring home some motivational posters or stick pictures of your favorite celebs on the wall, you’re free to choose. If your gym has everything you need, the workout sessions will feel enthused and rewarding.


The Top 10 Must-Haves in Home Gym Equipment

To ensure that you pick best-of-the-lot equipment for your gym, I have done thorough research already. Below is the list of 10 top must-haves in your home gym which is picked after detailed analyses. All of these exercise tools are quality-tested, reliable, and efficient.

Although some of them have quite hefty price tags, that’s totally justified when we look at their advanced features. Keep reading, and you’ll find what tools you need for a home CrossFit gym and what is the best at home workout machine (s).

So, without any ado, let’s review the top 10 home gym equipment that you should have:

BodyBoss 2.0 – Full Portable Home Gym Workout Package

BodyBoss Home gym package is the ideal choice for newbie home gym owners. This package helps you gradually develop muscle strength and ace the intense weight training sessions later.

BodyBoss 2.0 for Home Gym

You’ll get a solid foldable base, two durable resistance bands, two straps, a bar, two padded handles, and a secure door anchor in the home gym package.

Resistance training helps you develop endurance and avoid sudden muscle assaults that weight plates might otherwise cause.

Storing, setting, and using this resistance package doesn’t consume your time, and it immensely helps you in various upper/lower body exercises.

You can do triceps extensions, abs rotations, deadlifts, squats, upright rows, and a few other exhausting exercises with it.

Since this is an affordable package with incredible durability, I highly recommend getting it for your home gym.

You can easily haul it around and exercise anywhere you go because of its portable lightweight design.

Moreover, if you want to save on weights and need a good alternative, get this without sparing a second. Its solid bands and bars simulate up to 30lbs weight and doesn’t ask for additional plates either.

With time, you can add more resistance bands on both sides and go harder on your body. After all, gyming is an extreme game; you better feel drained after a good session!


  • One base
  • Padded rotatable bar
  • Two robust resistance bands
  • Four straps
  • Padded handles
  • Secure door anchor
  • 0-30lbs weight simulation


  • Full-body workout
  • Secure grip with base
  • Padded base
  • Foldable design
  • Alterable bands


  • Time-taking assembly at first attempt

You can see it here in action:

TRX ALL-IN-ONE Suspension Training

Going against your body weight and shedding excessive fat gets more comfortable when you have a TRX all-in-one suspension set-up.

This ultimate full-body workout partner has two different anchor solutions for pipes, doors, railings, and trees.

Woman practicing TRX

Wherever you are, pull your TRX suspension band out and start burning that nasty fat or warm-up your sexy biceps. Since developing a new gym means everything must be perfect, this TRX band is a good-to-go option.

It comes in a meshed pouch that makes it portable and easy-to-use. You have to find a solid surface i.e., your gym rack, anchor this band with it, and select the training position.

TRX will send an incredible 25-page workout book in the package so that you can learn tips and tricks of suspension training at home.

You can do lunges, squats, planks, hinges, rotation, pus-ups, and pull-ups with it. The secure loop works as a foot cradle and loop-handle simultaneously. The padded band makes planks easier and doesn’t let you wobble while you’re in an exercise position.

Although it is pretty expensive, it’s worth it. With this single investment, you can do lengthy suspensions sessions without paying for a trainer.

You’ll also get free 30-day access to TRX app, which is loaded with helpful videos and tips.

So, bring this little master and do remarkably draining suspension in your garage. Professionals regard suspension as a great way to lose weight and increase strength, don’t miss this gem.


  • Two anchor solutions
  • Resilient suspension strap
  • Secure single lock
  • Foot cradle
  • Detailed workout book added
  • Meshed carry pouch


  • Ideal for both outdoors/indoors
  • Incredible muscle stretch
  • Multi-purpose strap
  • Negligible weight
  • Two anchors for all settings


  • Expensive

You can see it here in action:

Yes4All Solid Cast Iron Kettlebell Weights

Kettlebell bars strengthen your body and slowly improves your endurance. If you have good quality Kettlebell bars in your home gym, you won’t need any weights or bands for suspension training.

Kettlebell Weights practicing

Kettlebells tone your body, fortify big muscle groups and increase your agility. Therefore, Yes4all has brought these affordable and durable bars to adorn your home gym.

These bars are made from solid cast iron that doesn’t rust away and stays shiny for long. Also, Yes4all has applied a layer of corrosion-resistant paint, which gives these bars a textured surface.

The big 8.66″ handles offer a comfortable grip and don’t put pressure on your wrist, unlike small Kettlebells.

These substantial bars assist you in planks, deadlifts, weight training, swings, etc.

There is no seam or welding mark on these bars, which ensures your hands’ safety while you put your body weight on them.

Also, since there are various weight options available, you can select a pair according to your preference.

Working out with Kettlebells is good for your heart and lungs as it burns stubborn fat. Once you learn to balance your body muscles with these bars, doing deadlifts and planks will feel like a piece of cake.

This is a valuable investment in your home gym. These bars don’t cost an arm and a leg, opt for them!


  • Cast iron construction
  • 66” handle
  • 6” wide base
  • Flat bottom
  • Painted finish


  • Full-body cardio
  • Textured handle
  • Corrosion-resistant paint
  • Easy-to-store
  • Used in all weight training workouts
  • Various weight options available
  • Great price


  • Some complaints of handle’s chipping

You can see it here in action:

Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym Stack

A gym is undoubtedly incomplete without a good stack. If you can’t exert your whole body while you exercise, you’ll start missing those lavish commercial gym gears.

But why worry when you have this multi-function gym stack at a great price?

Marcy has carefully designed this robust steel stack to entertain home gym owners. This stack is crafted from a solid 14 gauge steel, which is then coated with a protective vinyl layer.

Marcy Multifunction Steel Home Gym Stack

The mini-gym stack weighs 150lbs and takes around 70” inches space when assembled. You can easily set your Marcy stack and workout like a boss.

This stack has two pulleys; one for upper body exercise and one for legs. The padded leg rollers offer comfort to your feet, and the pulley attached underneath fortifies your legs.

It has a dual feature press arm, adjustable preacher curl, and butterfly attachment; all of them help you do full-body weight training at home.

The attached 150lbs weight plates are great for all kinds of exercises; you have to set the weight pin and get, set, go.

Enjoy a full gym-like exercise session inside your garage or room with Marcy gym stack. This durable bench doesn’t wear-off after continuous usage and gives a professional look to your room.

Buy once, cry once. This multi-function stack will make home-gyming delightful for you.


  • Made from heavy-duty steel
  • Vinyl coated
  • 150lbs weight
  • Thick foam roller padding
  • Adjustable butterfly attachment
  • Dual press arm


  • Perfect mini-gym
  • Comfortable roller pads
  • Forceful arms and legs exercises
  • Removable preacher curl pad
  • Two pulley systems
  • Supports 150lbs weights
  • Detailed assembly instructions


  • Several complaints of careless packaging


Stamina Body Trac Glider 1050 Rowing Machine

Moving arms and legs in harmony is a great exercise that you can do at home. It reduces your lose fat and slowly increases muscle mass if you continue rowing.

Stamina is known for making athlete-level exercise equipment that shows fast results and stays unharmed for long.

Stamina Body Trac Glider Rowing Machine

To ensure that your new gym’s equipment is reliable, get this stamina Trac glider and start working out.

This glider has solid steel frame construction, which is resilient and corrosion-resistant. The rowing beam is made from aluminum, which is lightweight yet sturdy.

You can quickly adjust hydraulic resistance while mimicking the rowing motion on this glider. There is a steel cylinder underneath the rowing beam, which lets you promptly alter the force that your muscles receive.

There are large footplates with straps that keep your feet comfortable and maintain your balance while you glide.

In addition,  this rowing machine has a foam-coated hand grip, which ensures that you don’t wobble while moving back and forth. The molded seat feels comfortable and speedily moves over the ball-bearing roller system.

Its arms are foldable, which saves space and doesn’t clutter your room. You can quickly fold it and set it beside a wall after working out.

Although rowing isn’t an extreme workout (like those that go hard on your fats), it is still a good option for injury recovery, warm-up sessions and post exercise muscles relieving.

So, after doing suspension or planks, spend some time on this glider and relax your muscles before exiting the gym room.


  • Steel frame construction
  • Aluminum rowing beam
  • Electronic monitor
  • Footplates with straps
  • Ball-bearing roller system


  • Foam coated hand-grip
  • Comfortable molded seat
  • Adjustable hydraulic resistance
  • Foldable arms
  • Compact storage


  • Not for extreme workouts

You can see it here in action:

CAP 7-Foot Beast Olympic Bar

No gym is complete without a solid weightlifting bar. Especially if you’re working on your muscles, a bar is unavoidable.

This CAP beast bar is constructed from durable Japanese cold rolled steel that stays shiny and proves to be a worthwhile buy.

CAP 7-Foot Beast Olympic Bar

This bar is 7ft long, which is the ideal length for all weightlifters. The bar itself weighs 20kgs and has 15″ long loadable space for weight plates.

If you are a beginner, doing squats with just the bar will be enough for you. With time, however, you can add further plates and increase your muscles’ power.

The steel rod is coated with black phosphate that is known to produce friction and offers non-slip grip while you work out.

The professional gym enthusiasts also favor this bar due to its incredible tensile strength and endurance capacity.

However, since this is an expensive buy, you should decide wisely. If you are to work at gaining muscles, go for it. But if your goal is to lose weight and tone your body, your home gym will do well even without a bar.

Balancing this bar is effortless due to its robust build and textured surface. You can add as many plates as you wish, and your Beast will stay strong!


  • Japanese cold steel construction
  • 15” loadable steel
  • 7ft. length
  • 20kg weight
  • Black phosphate finish


  • Tight non-slip grip
  • Incredible tensile strength
  • Durable material
  • Professionals’ choice


  • Better to be used with gloves/chalk
  • Expensive buy

Below you can see how to work with a weight bar:

Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag

A punching bag in the home gym will let you practice kicks and punches with ease; both exercises help reduce weight.

This full-length Ringside 100lbs punching bag is perfect for people of every height. Its Powerhide construction can endure as much pressure as you put on it.

Ringside 100-pound Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag for your home gym

Its shape stays unharmed even after regular usage and doesn’t compel you to replace it. This Muay Thai punching bag comes with an 18” long steel chain which you can hook in the ceiling effortlessly.

The bag is 72″ long and 15″ wide, ideal for both amateur and experienced boxers.

There is a zipper on its top as well, which you can use to shuffle the stuffing and make it even harder. However, since Ringside has added incredibly tough things in it already, you won’t have to bother shuffling it.

This punching bag is sturdy in every aspect; stitches, chain, outer layer, and stuffing; everything speaks for the effort that Ringside has put in it.


  • Powerhide construction
  • 100lbs weight
  • 15” width
  • 72” length
  • 18” chain


  • Ideal for amateur and experienced boxers alike
  • Zipper for stuffing shuffling
  • Long-lasting construction
  • Strong stitching
  • Shiny finish


  • Expensive

Below you can see the some heavy bag drills:

Gorilla Bow Portable Resistance Bands

Gorilla portable bow is constructed from aircraft-grade aluminum, which can bear up to 330lbs of resistance. With a Gorilla bow in your home, you won’t need any bar or separate resistance bands because of its astonishing power.

Its large aluminum pole lets you practice agility exercises and enhances your body’s strength. This portable bow comes with eight reliable resistance cables that you can adjust accordingly.

Gorilla Bow Portable Resistance Band

The bow is 58” long, which allows you to do chest press, power squats, hinges, leg stretches, and various other exercises. You can work on all muscle groups with this simple and easy Gorilla bow.

You can alter the bands’ number depending upon your level. For beginners, two bands are enough. With time, however, one can increase the number of bands and therefor the resistance.

If you are reluctant about its endurance, don’t be as it comes with an excellent 2-year warranty, which is enough to clear your doubts.

This bow is lightweight, sturdy, practical, portable, and above all, able-to-do-the-job. So, adorn your home gym with this simple-yet-efficient equipment and tone your body real quick.

Wherever you go, take your Gorilla bow along and never miss a workout session.


  • Made from aircraft aluminum
  • Double-latex bands
  • Eight resistance cables in the package
  • Carry pouch
  • 300lbs resistance
  • 58” length


  • Space-saving
  • Portable
  • Resilient bands
  • 2-year warranty
  • Lightweight-yet-strong
  • Secure band attachment


  • Costly
  • The bow cannot be hauled without separate bag/space

Here you can see the bow in action:


Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells

No matter how much fancy equipment we try, weights are irreplaceable. They oomph up your gym and spread the commercial gyms’ aura around.
As we know when our weightlifting capacity thankfully develops, they prove to be expensive. You might have to add new plates to match your needs regularly. But not with these smart Bowflex dumbbells.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells setThese alterable dumbbells let you add weights on them so that you don’t have to spend very often.
Moreover, these dumbbells offer a wide non-slip grip, which helps one attain great arm muscles. Either you work with one plate on either side or multiple plates, your grip won’t waver.
These space-efficient dumbbells come with a nice media rack, which helps you keep your gym tidy.
Just collect the plates and store them in the sturdy media rack with ease. No rolling dumbbells in your room on which one can easily trip.
Remember, a home gym is all about smart and capable equipment; these dumbbells have both features! They are altered with a dial lock, which is another smart innovation that Bowflex has added in them.
In addition, you can connect with the Bowflex SelectTech app to learn different exercises and tips without even going to an expensive gym trainer.

If getting dumbbells is your priority, go for Bowflex adjustable dumbbells!


  • Adjustable weight dumbbells
  • Media rack
  • Solid grip
  • 75” long
  • 5lbs plates weight increment


  • Space-efficient
  • Ideal for all levels
  • Smart media rack
  • Dial for weight changing
  • Solid grip
  • Durable body
  • Value for the money
  • Bowflex app for additional training 


  • Weight holder made from unreliable plastic

Some free fitness tips to use dumbbells to build big wrists:

NordicTrack T Series Treadmills

Cardio is one of the toughest and most important exercises. And since you don’t need any training for it, make sure you do cardio at home. One good treadmill, and you are all set!

NordicTrack T Series Treadmill

If you’re going for a treadmill, look no further than this smart NordicTrack treadmill. Its 20″ wide and 55″ long belt lets you run comfortably.

This treadmill has a smart 5” backlit display that shows your speed, burnt calories, and the time you’ve spent on it. NordicTrack treadmill is very inexpensive compared to some other options available on the market.

You should spend less and reap more while developing a gym. This sleek treadmill has comfortable cushioning, auxiliary port, dual speakers, and a large display on the front.

You can enjoy groovy music while sweating and track your progress through the meter installed on your NordicTrack treadmill.

You can also receive interactive personal training videos by connecting this treadmill to the iFit app  Although the membership is expensive, it is still good compared to the fees of personal trainers.

There’s nothing that can compete with the NordicTrack treadmill, save some bucks and invest in it. Be smart, buy smartly!


  • 20” wide tread belt
  • 55” belt length
  • 10MPH speed
  • 300lbs weight capacity
  • Innovative design


  • On-demand live workout sessions
  • Smart 2.6 CHP motor
  • 5” backlit display
  • Dual 2” speakers
  • Auxiliary music port
  • Comfortable cushioning
  • 25 years motor warranty


  • Membership is expensive 

Checkout below a short guide how to exercise on a treadmill:



Some helpful home gym gear

Other than the high-end machinery and rough-tough apparatus we’ve reviewed above, some items are there to make exercising comfortable. Working out in a home gym doesn’t mean you should compromise on your comfort. Get some of the helpful gears listed below and dash some class in your gyming corner!

Premium Large Yoga Mat – 7′ x 5′ x 8mm

Having a comfortable and durable mat is inevitable for every gym, be it personal or commercial. While setting your new gym, don’t miss out on this crucial item.

Gorilla mats have made a choice easier for you by introducing this sturdy and comfy large yoga mat. This 84″ long mat is compatible with most gym rooms (you can always alter it) and offers a cozy space for exercise.

Premium Large Yoga Mat

This dark black mat has shock-resistant layers that can bear the weight of your gym machines and help you keep them tidy. Especially if you have specified a section of your room for the gym, use a mat to mark its boundary.

Apart from giving the gym-like feels, a mat maintains your posture while you exercise and avoids unnecessary pressure on your spine.

This gorilla mat will stick to your floor and stay in the same position no matter how much you move over it. Unlike those tacky nylon mats, this one is odorless and non-toxic.

You can trust this mat because it will not ditch you anytime soon, thanks to its amazing durability. However, keep one thing in mind, since this is a yoga mat, you can’t roll heavy plates over it.

If you want to enjoy it for years, keep the rolling dumbbells away!


  • Premium quality yoga mat
  • 84” long
  • 60” wide
  • Shock-absorbent layers
  • PVS pipe to roll it


  • Amazing non-slip grip
  • Lifetime warranty from Gorilla mats
  • Large enough for comfortable sitting
  • Ideal for exercising in every position
  • Odorless and non-toxic
  • Affordable


  • Not for weights and bars

Here is a home full body 20 minutes floor exercises to use with your mattress:

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

Paddling helps our leg muscles and fortifies them real quick. If you want to add a little versatility to your gym, this Marcy exercise bike is a perfect choice.

This bike is constructed from a solid 14 gauge steel, which is known for its durability and strength. The steel is then powder coated to avoid wear and tear of the bike after continuous usage.

Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike

This step-through exercise bike has a comfortable molded seat, soft padded handles, and strapped pedals. Once you sit on it, you’ll feel well-balanced and comfortable from all sides.

The Marcy bike’s weighted pedals will exert real pressure on your legs and will surely show quick results.

You can reach up to 90MPH speed with it and the pedals’ resistance can be altered as per your preference.

Marcy is in the gyming business for over 50 years now; you can trust their equipment without any uncertainties.


  • 14 gauge steel construction
  • Powder-coated finish
  • Step-through design
  • 8-level resistance
  • LCD screen


  • Comfortable seat
  • Large display
  • Soft foam-covered handles
  • Weighted strapped pedals
  • Alterable resistance
  • Compact design
  • Amazing speed
  • Sturdy build


  • Slightly expensive

Here is a clip showing a recumbent specific bike workout:

Weider Ultimate Body Works

This Weider exercise machine works like a glide board; you sit on it, stretch your muscles, and move back and forth.

Just like a rowing machine, this one is also great for agility and speed workouts. The glide board is padded for additional comfort and smooth movement. In addition, there are soft handles that ensure that your grip is secure while you move.

Weider Ultimate Body Works

This glide board offers eight incline levels according to everyone’s spine strength and desire. If you need exhausting reps, take inclination to the highest level and see the magic.

This space-savvy gear looks smart, performs impeccably, and goes easy on your pocket, all positives together.

Weider has added a detailed guidebook in the package as well, which helps the newbies understand its working and maintenance.


  • Eight incline levels
  • Seated chest press
  • Padded glide board
  • Nylon handles
  • Pulley system


  • Suitable for above 50 exercises
  • Detailed guidebook
  • Four strong resistance bands
  • Comfortable seat and handles
  • Cost-effective
  • Space-savvy design
  • Innovative


  • Sometimes the sliding is uneven


You can see it in action here:

Relife Rebuild Your Life Power Tower Workout Dip Station 

There is no workout like pull-ups and chin-ups. These two test your endurance and strength by putting you in a tough position. And when you get to do these rough-tough exercises at home, the need to hit the gym vanishes right away.

Relife Power Tower Workout Dip Station 

Relife has thoughtfully designed this power tower to match everyone’s needs. You can alter its high up to 89″ inches, which is perfect for people above 6′. And if you’re shorter, keep its height at lower levels (minimum 58″) and enjoy the workout.

This smart power tower has suction cups at its base that enhance its stability and support your body’s weight thoroughly. It’s crafted from high-quality steel, which can bear up to 330lbs of weight and doesn’t disturb your balance at any cost.

You can do various bodyweight exercises with it and gain matchless strength in a short span. The bar and handles are padded with soft foam to enhance comfort and improve your grip.

However, if you’re above 6ft and 100lbs, doing pull-ups with it won’t be a good idea. Keep your body mass in mind while getting this strong power tower!


  • 43” wide
  • Height adjustable up to 89″
  • High-quality steel build
  • 330lbs weight capacity
  • Suction cups at the bottom


  • Padded bar
  • Side handles for pull-ups
  • Bottom handles for push-ups
  • Adjustable height
  • Strong body
  • Great buy for the price
  • Multi-function
  • Power tower for the whole family


  • Can’t do pull-ups comfortably

Get ideas how to use it in this clip:

Sivan Health and Fitness Puzzle Exercise Mat 

We all like uniqueness in our place; this puzzle exercise mat is an excellent choice if you also seek versatility.

This 24 square feet mat is made from high-density foam to bear your equipment’s weight and provide comfort simultaneously.

Puzzle Exercise Mat 

The package will have six tiles and 12 border edges, which you’ll have to connect and make a mat out of.

Apart from being versatile, this exercise mat is also astoundingly durable and stable. Its non-skid layer sticks to the floor and doesn’t even slightly move when you jump/exercise on it.

You can also use this puzzle mat in kids’ play area or other parts of the home if you ever feel like replacing it.


  • Six tiles
  • Twelve border edges 
  • High-density foam build
  • Inter-locking design


  • Non-skid material
  • Exceptional durability
  • Comfortable
  • Versatile usage
  • Affordable


  • Small in size

Fitness Reality 1000 Super Max Weight Bench

Working on your abs is easier when you have a soft workout bench underneath. Therefore, Fitness Reality has brought this smart bench specifically for compact home gyms.

If adjusting a bench in your small place is problematic, trust this one. Its length is merely 37.5″ which would fit everywhere (most probably). This robust bench can endure 800lbs weight, which is beyond amazing.

Fitness Reality Weight Bench

Its seat can be adjusted in 12 positions as per your exercise’s requirement. This foldable bench offers great practicality in home gyms by letting you exercise on it endlessly and then tuck it away. Even if you opt for a make-shift home gym, this bench is the holy grail.

Moreover, this bench has front wheels to ease its movement and protect your floor from scratches that benches often leave.

You won’t find such an affordable compact bench elsewhere, don’t miss out!


  • 800lbs weight capacity
  • Tubular steel coated construction
  • Powder-coated finish
  • 12” wide
  • 5” long


  • 12-position adjustable seat
  • Soft upholstery
  • Foldable design
  • Compact body
  • Multiple positions
  • Heavy-duty construction
  • Adjustable front leg
  • Front wheels for easy transportation


  • Slightly compact width

You can see how to use a weight bench here:



 How much does it cost to build a gym at home?

The answer to this question varies according to your buying checklist (as I already said). If you keep it low-key and go only for the basics, a home gym can be readied under $1000 easily. But, if you add a treadmill or multi-function gym stack in it, you’ll be spending anywhere around $2000.

Since only you (or your family members) will use your home gym, it is advisable to go for the essential equipment and avoid fancy machinery.

Also, if you feel the need for more significant equipment after gaining some strength, you can buy it anytime. In the beginning however, don’t overspend. Analyze, calculate, compare, and then spend.


Final thoughts

Our detailed home gym building guide finally came to an end…phew! I am sure that you now have a clear idea of what to pick for your gym and what to let go of.

Always remember, developing a home gym is a gradual process; don’t rush it. You can add the latest and more advanced gear in it with time but stick to the most needed equipment in the beginning.

So, make a list, search for the gear, compare, calculate, and start the process. This is going to be a fun journey, be ready!

Say goodbye to honking traffic and annoying exercise maniacs, workout in peace with your favorite song playing loudly; that’s such a treat, no?

Can you think of any other beneficial devices I have not reviewed here? Let me hear them! Share any questions or concerns in the comments below, and I will strive to get back to you with the answers!